Developping group research notes / Week 5 / 3-11-2020

Siri Future of Super AI ?

embodiment of the IA Siri
invasive pervasive SUPER AI
how much we depend on them, and them on us

Siri reminds us to do things. The voice of Google Maps tells us when to turn and warns us about heavy traffic or speed limits. We depend on AI to remember things for us, they answer questions for us, and can help make decisions for us, like what restaurant we should eat at. We give the AI agency to organise our lives for us, but we also command it to do things, and it has to do what we want.

We depend on AI, but what if our AI depended on us?
What if our AI got frightened?
What if it depended on us to keep it safe?
Would that change our behaviour, make us more cautious, more caring?
Why would our AI be frightened? Evolution? Intentional programming/malware for extortion?

Some references:

“DON’T DROP ME!! IT HURT”  *siri 2025
look at:

Nam June Paik: (preservation of media art)
Made art on old TV, if it blow the art is gone

Eliezer Yudkowsky: 
On popularizing the idea of friendly AI

Movies to consider:

EXistenZ (artificial objects, skinlike, fetish, alive)

Money Monster (Humans blaming algorithms for human misdeeds)

"Her" directed by Spike Jonze (man falls in love with an OS)

"Blade Runner 2049" directed by Denis Villeneuve (replicant falls in love with a hologram)

"Humans" (robots achieve sentience)

These focus on emotional attachments with AI, and there are many others like them. Men have been falling in love with automatons for millennia (or should that be Melania?) The Spielberg films "A.I." and "The Bicentennial Man" for example are stories from the point of view of the AI.


The "waifu" is part of a Japanese subculture of Anime/Manga fans. It is a Japanese rendering of the English word "wife" but does not necessarily mean the same thing. Idealised, highly-sexualised objects of affection for young men. Some waifu are sophisticated virtual entities.

Tamagotchi ( and their Westernized equivalents made us care for seemingly intelligent creatures that "died" if they were neglected.

There are robots being used to help care for the elderly:

Relevant texts so far:

Suchman, Lucy. Human-machine reconfigurations: Plans and situated actions. Cambridge University Press, 2007. Chapters 13-15

“Affective” programming (Kismet the robot), concepts of agency and embodiment, empathy, fetishising, enchantment
flower for algernon

SIRI RISING: The Inside Story Of Siri's Origins -- And Why She Could Overshadow The iPhone

The Story of Siri, by its founder Adam Cheyer