Software Experience / Week 2 / 13-10-2020

To highlight their automaticity and mathematical quality, then, is not to contrast algorithms to human judgment. Instead it is to recognize them as part of mechanisms that introduce and privilege quantification, proceduralization, and automation in human endeavors.

“What we are really concerned with when we invoke the “algorithmic” here is not the algorithm per se but the insertion of procedure into human knowledge and social experience. What makes something algorithmic is that it is produced by or related to an information system that is committed (functionally and ideologically) to the computational generation of knowledge or decisions.” 
· JUNE 25, 2014

“Information systems are always swarming with people, we just can’t always see them. (Downey, 2014; Kushner 2013) And an assembly line might be just as “algorithmic” in this sense of the word, or at least the parallels are important to consider.”