Working on the research project / Week 6 / 10-11-2020

Mattia & Teodora feedback:
Designing a Feminist Alexa Feminist Alexa

Generative works rely on generative algorithms to create rules-based systems for writing a text.

An imaginary Jerome K. Jerome writes about Twitter.

Random raw images from outer planet probes, accompanied by computer-generated text.

Allison Parrish: Recent and Selected Work

What would a Feminist Alexa look or rather sound like?

Ludwig Wittgenstein
Look at the details of how this software work
The Concept of Defraction - Karen Barad (concept taken from quantum physics); the process of tuning the algorithms is such process (?) - Karen Barad. This has a brief explanation of diffraction before it goes onto more epistemological/physics/queer areas - quite a bit off-topic, but the image of dropping stones into a pond is quite powerful when related to feeding knowledge to an AI